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Nevin Seeger, owner and trainer, X-Ring Firearms Training.

Congratulations! You have taken the first step toward becoming a more responsible firearms owner by seeking training. Our philosophy is that we want you to become a safer person when you handle a firearm, and more accurate when you use it,no matter your level of experience. Safety is always FIRST, and we will emphasize that at every point of your training. We will give you instruction on how to be safe, and to develop repeatable safe firearm handling practices.

There are two aspects to becoming safer and more proficient with handling firearms. First is training, that is, how do you do something. That is what we do. This is an ongoing process, and even the most highly trained individuals continually seek out more training. Once you are done with our course or courses you should continue with your training, as this is a life-long process. The second is practice. This is what you do after you leave your training. You do this by being diligent in going to your local range and doing what you have been trained to do until it becomes second nature. We recommend that you go to your local range at least once a month to keep your skills sharp, and you do not forget your training.

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