NRA Basic Pistol Class

We offer both a basic pistol and an advanced CCW class. The NRA Basic Pistol class we offer goes well beyond the basic NRA course work, as it includes a great deal of useful concealed carry information. The course is a solid introduction, or refresher, that will take you from the beginning principals of firearms use to competence with essential CCW skills.

Our price for the NRA Basic Pistol class is $99, payable in advance. This includes your packet of instructional materials printed by the NRA, range fees and targets. The NRA now permits purchase of self-directed on-line materials, and if you select this format for instruction, we will adjust the fee accordingly. Be ready for a full day of intense instruction.

We can provide a limited number of semiautomatic pistols or revolvers to your use for a nominal fee of $10. You are expected to provide your own hearing protection, eye protection and ammunition, but we have a few extras in case you forget these items. Let us know well before the class that you need to use one of our handguns for your training. If you do not own a handgun, we recommend waiting until after the class to buy one.

At the end of either a basic or an advanced class you will receive certification that you need to get, or renew, a Colorado CCW permit for ten years.


Individual Instruction

We offer individual instruction at the rate of $700 per day. This course includes self-directed course work before the day of training, followed by a full day of training in the classroom and on the range. Let us know you are interested, and give us one or more dates that are available on your calendar. We will go over essential safety and marksmanship principals; home defense principals; concealed carry methods; and use of handguns, shotguns and rifles for defense. You will learn principals of situational awareness, conflict resolution, criminal laws and civil liability issues, moving and shooting while moving, use of cover and concealment, tactical reloads, engaging multiple targets, and use of deadly force to help you to survive a life or death encounter.


Rifle Training

We provide intensive training with the AR rifle for civilian use. The course starts with safety fundamentals, followed by familiarization with the rifle, methods of shooting, ways to improve marksmanship, safe loading and unloading, tactical reloads, malfunction clearance drills, adjusting point of aim for close in engagement, and use of the rifle for self-defense. At the end of this course you will receive an NRA basic rifle certificate. Other rifles are welcome, but the emphasis is on the AR rifle in urban patrol or home defense configuration. The course fee is $125.


LE and Security Guard Training

Mr. Seeger is a certified police rifle instructor, and offers instruction and skill builders to police officers and security guards. If you need instruction to help you with meeting proficiency requirements of your department or security company, contact us for rates offered to armed professionals. We will go over methods of improving marksmanship, and we will perform several scenarios, customized for your individual needs.


Advanced CCW Training

This course is designed for people who hold a CCW permit, current or former military, or equivalent levels of experience. We will start with basic refreshers of safety and firearm marksmanship, then go directly to developing more advanced skills. We will go over both criminal law and civil liability issues, and the aftermath of use of deadly force.

The advanced CCW curriculum is geared toward people who have good basic skills, and want to do lots of real world drills with a pistol. Drawing, holstering, shooting while moving, engaging multiple targets, clearance drills, and reloading drills are all part of the course. We will do lots of shooting to develop good shooting skills, and to build in good safety habits. At the end of either a basic or an advanced class you will receive certification that you need to get, or renew, a Colorado CCW permit for ten years. The fee for the advanced CCW course is $125.